Come find your treasure in the Heart of Aldergrove! Visit THE USEABLE SHOP!


My name is Christine  and I am the Owner/Operator of this  second- hand store.

Mon - Closed  (closed all Stats)
Tues -  Sat       10 - 4 
Sun    10 - 3 (on trial basis as of March 2017)

The Useable Shop has been around for many years and originally sold a variety of things, hence the name.  We now sell  only furniture/furnishings.  In the near future, we will  focus on inventory that we have refinished /upholstered ourselves.  There will  be a mix of  antiques, vintage and funky items.  We are hoping to  have a new and up-dated web page (where I can actually post pictures of the inventory).

Our pieces are restored by my husband, the owner of  FURNITURE MEDIC greater Vancouver 604-576-6499 (painted/stained/repaired).  He can also refinish/upholster items from the store to your liking, should you want them a little different.  His cards are also  on site if you are just wanting some of your own existing furniture refurbished/repaired.   If you have any questions, just give us a call.


To all our regular customers, thank you.  Welcome to all my new customers!!


Christine Nyirfa
The Useable Shop
27173 Fraser Hwy
Aldergrove, BC
V4W 3R1

New Arrivals

Sideboard. - Sold Sideboard. - Sold $0.00
Sideboard - Sold Sideboard - Sold $0.00
Cabinet - Sold Cabinet - Sold $0.00
Sideboard - Sold Sideboard - Sold $0.00
Antique Hall Table -Sold Antique Hall Table -Sold $0.00
Bedroom Dresser - Sold Bedroom Dresser - Sold $0.00
Rocking Chair - Sold Rocking Chair - Sold $0.00
Dresser with Mirror - Sold Dresser with Mirror - Sold $0.00
Dresser - Sold Dresser - Sold $0.00
Nesting Tables - Sold Nesting Tables - Sold $0.00
Buffet / Dresser - Sold Buffet / Dresser - Sold $0.00
Chair Planters Chair Planters $0.00
Pantry Cupboard - Sold Pantry Cupboard - Sold $0.00
Writing Bureau - Sold Writing Bureau - Sold $0.00
Sewing Machine - Sold Sewing Machine - Sold $0.00
Dresser - Sold Dresser - Sold $0.00
Corner Cabinet - Sold Corner Cabinet - Sold $0.00
Dresser - Sold Dresser - Sold $0.00
Chair / Sheet Music Box -Sold Chair / Sheet Music Box -Sold $0.00
Sideboard - Sold Sideboard - Sold $0.00

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