Come find your treasure in the Heart of Aldergrove! Visit THE USEABLE SHOP!


My name is Christine  and I am the Owner/Operator of this  second- hand store.

Mon - Closed  (closed all Stats)
Tues -  Sat       10 - 4 
Sun    10 - 3 (on trial basis as of March 2017)

The Useable Shop has been around for many years and originally sold a variety of things, hence the name.  We now sell  older furniture/furnishings.  In the near future, we will be undergoing a name change to reflect what we have and will  primarily focus on inventory that we have refinished ourselves.  There will  still be antiques and vintage, but also some funky items.  The store will also have a new and up-dated web page (where I can actually post pictures of the inventory)  and email addy, reflecting the new store.  The phone number will remain the same, however,  so that our old customers can still get ahold of us.  (Once new name is up and running, this site will have info)

Our pieces are restored by my husband, the owner of  FURNITURE MEDIC greater Vancouver 604-576-6499 (painted/stained/repaired).  He can also refinish/upholster items from the store to your liking, should you want them a little different.  His cards are also  on site if you are just wanting some of your own existing furniture refurbished/repaired.   If you have any questions, just give us a call.


To all our regular customers, thank you.  Welcome to all my new customers!!


Christine Nyirfa
The Useable Shop
27173 Fraser Hwy
Aldergrove, BC
V4W 3R1

New Arrivals

Sideboard. - Sold Sideboard. - Sold $0.00
Sideboard - Sold Sideboard - Sold $0.00
Cabinet - Sold Cabinet - Sold $0.00
Sideboard - Sold Sideboard - Sold $0.00
Antique Hall Table -Sold Antique Hall Table -Sold $0.00
Bedroom Dresser - Sold Bedroom Dresser - Sold $0.00
Rocking Chair - Sold Rocking Chair - Sold $0.00
Dresser with Mirror - Sold Dresser with Mirror - Sold $0.00
Dresser - Sold Dresser - Sold $0.00
Nesting Tables - Sold Nesting Tables - Sold $0.00
Buffet / Dresser - Sold Buffet / Dresser - Sold $0.00
Chair Planters Chair Planters $0.00
Pantry Cupboard - Sold Pantry Cupboard - Sold $0.00
Writing Bureau - Sold Writing Bureau - Sold $0.00
Sewing Machine - Sold Sewing Machine - Sold $0.00
Dresser - Sold Dresser - Sold $0.00
Corner Cabinet - Sold Corner Cabinet - Sold $0.00
Dresser - Sold Dresser - Sold $0.00
Chair / Sheet Music Box -Sold Chair / Sheet Music Box -Sold $0.00
Sideboard - Sold Sideboard - Sold $0.00

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